Interested in a new challenge?  Then you are invited to book a rowing course with RV Normannen.

General prerequisites to become a responsible crew member and a safe and competent rower:

  • an active interest in sports, especially demanding aerobic sports
  • self-dependent and willing to take on new challenges
  • a good swimmer
  • within your height/weight ratio
  • willing to dedicate at least two days per week to train.

If this describes you, then be prepared to enjoy success with one of the most rewarding team sports.

For youths the Austrian Rowing Association (ÖRV) recommends a minimum height of 1,40 meter and a starting age with 12 years. Additionally, a swim certificate is needed as proof for swimming competence.

The rowing course is with an experience trainer and consists of 6 sessions, each 1 ½ hours in total with a maximum of 4 participants.  The course requires that each session is consequently consumed each week.  The course cost is €180,-.  

The possibility exists that additional follow-up sessions may be important for the participation in official rowing events. 

Course begin is mid-April, every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

For further information about our rowing sessions and training dates or in case of questions please contact us

For all training dates please arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled session time with appropriate sports clothing (fitted, nothing loose) and training shoes. 

Location:  (Club house)
Ruderverein Normannen
Normannengasse 2, 3400 Klosterneuburg

See you soon!