If you are looking for a sport that gives you a total body workout yet offers low impact exercise with optimal health benefits or simply want to stay fit and leave your daily routine behind, then rowing is the right sport for you! 

Rowing is a complex sport involving a technical as well as mental challenge for all ages.  With the right training and motivation rowing can offer a lifetime of enjoyment well into your senior years.  Here at Normannen, we are proud to be the home to rowers from ages 12 to 90 years old!

What our Club offers:

  • Regular training sessions for fitness as well as performance rowing.
  • Regatta training for men and women (Masters Rowing Championships)
  • Youth training
  • Guided rowing tours on some of Europe’s most scenic lakes and rivers.
  • Winter training with professional guidance offering rowing specific gymnastic and conditioning-training. 

In addition to regular training sessions, RV Normannen has available Aerobic training with rowing machines, stationary bicycles and running machines in addition to a complete weight room available to all members year-round.

As one of the oldest clubs in Austria, Normannen brings together valuable experience with modern standards at one of the best locations on the Danube offering both river and still water rowing experiences.

If you are already a rower or simply want to begin a new sport please contact us by email: rvn@normannen.at